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2010 has proven to be a successful year for Helica Instruments Ltd with several new products on the market that are in the fields of ENT including laryngeal de-bulking & tonsil removal.

New Helica Probes

The standard Helica Probes used in the treatment of Endometriosis have been developed further to help within ENT departments. The probes can be adapted for many procedures which allows the benefit of the Helica TC machine in departments throughout the UK.

July 2010 - Sub Tenon Cannula

The soft flexible Sub Tenon Cannula was designed to replace the stainless steel needle used when administering anesthetic into the eye socket and allows for accurate and confident control during use.

Helica's Sub Tenon Cannula was well received at the recent The Royal College of Anesthetists Conference in London in November 2010 with many new users now choosing this safer method of administering anesthetic to the eye.

2011 & beyond

There are many British ideas & products invented in the UK that require development to the next level. Helica Instruments Ltd continues to promote British products and ideas. At present we are involved in developing an interesting orthopedic device along with a leading UK Specialist which will be announced shortly.

August 2015

Our office has moved to the address below.


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